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Joe Friday, just the Facts...

Joe Friday the Band formed in 1999 and focused on playing songs we loved and that got the crowds on their feet. From our first gig at the Owl Club to the Folsom Powerhouse, we've made it our purpose to have fun, make the bar money and entertain the audience. Bars and Clubs we've played have always re-booked us. The list of bars & clubs we've played over the years include The Folsom Hotel, Mandango's in Roseville, PJ's in Placerville, Marilyn's on K, Tokyo Fro's, Dillians in Lincoln, Grumpy's in Marysville, The Sport's Garage in Folsom, The Powerhouse in Folsom, Pistol Petes in Auburn, The Main Street Area in Roseville, The Corner Pocket in Citrus Heights, Sling Shots in Cameron Park, Yager's in Folsom, The El Dorado Saloon in El Dorado Hills, The Owl Club in Roseville and The Purple Place in El Dorado Hills.

Joe Liszt-Vocals & Lead guitar

Joe's been playing a ripping guitar for years. When I say this guy shreds, it's no exaggeration. Joe's been in bands since the 80's and has hung with bands like Cinderella and the like. With Joe's vocal ability, the band is able to cover anything from ACDC to Zeppelin.

Andy Walker-Drums & Vocals

Andy is one of the few drummers that brings a wide open backbeat style of play that's both danceable and rockin to the band. On top of the steady grove, Andy trades off on vocals with Joe and Russ and brings songs like Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi and Sweet Child by G&R to life.

Paul Ruby-Lead guitar

You may think that's a misprint, but no, we actually have two lead guitar players in Joe Friday. This is one of the things that set the band apart. Having a second lead guitarist gives the band the ability to pull off some fun dueling and harmonizing guitar work on songs like Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith and Big City Nights by The Scorpions.

Russ Knapp-Bass & Vocals

Russ supplies the low end on Bass locking in with Andy providing a rhythm section made for dancing. On Vocals, Russ stirs up the crowd on Killin in the Name of by Rage against the Machine and Thunder Kiss 65 by White Zombie.